The Need for Unified Communication: Milennials in the Workforce!

The holidays are right around the corner! It is a time to reflect on our blessings, enjoy time with family, hectically hit the malls to finish holiday shopping, and sometimes even deal with awkward holiday dinner conversions (Yes, you’re not alone). The holidays are also exciting, because it marks the nearing of the new year! A clean slate! A whole new millennium! So what does the new year mean for you and your business? New employees!

With young new graduates entering the work sphere, the possibility of hiring new individuals for your business are high. Employees enrich a business environment and help companies propel forward. With graduates pouring into the work field, more and more millennials will filtrate your business! Millennials are well-known for being tech savvy, confident, and achievement oriented (Kane, 2019)! Hence, businesses must adapt to these new times! How, you may ask? A unified communication system, of course!

A unified communication system is something Micro Trends knows all too well. We offer the 3CX Phone system that offers telecommunication that will elevate your business technology. The 3CX Phone System is a web-based application that has a variety of features. From internet voicemails to web conferencing, 3CX will make your business communication a simpler and more efficient process. Also, 3CX will allow your employees access to communication throughout the world. Even when overseas, you will be able to access 3CX either through the web-app or your smart phone. Allowing communication to become as free as ever.

Through a unified communication system, you can guarantee an effective flow of communication amongst your colleagues, ensuring successful business productivity!

Another interesting fact, on average, millennials are willing to sacrifice $7600 in yearly salary in place of a positive corporate culture (Alton, 2017). Millennials yearn for a culture of collaboration rather than competition. Nearly 88% of millennials stated that they preferred a collaborative working environment (The ideal millennial work environment). A unified communication system can help your business achieve the work/life balance millennials yearn for. With unified communication, employees are no longer constrained to their office. They can have meetings remotely, answer emails on the go, and ultimately maintain productivity semi-remotely! This communication system can help employees collaborate and create an ideal work environment.

The new year can bring with it exciting challenges for your business. Stay focused on attracting and maintaining new talent. Think of implementing a unified communication system today. Call Micro Trends for any questions! Your favorite millennial marketing manager (aka me, haha!) is here to help.


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