Maintain your business’s commercial connection in the wake of COVID-19


Although several aspects of social life has changed in the wake of COVID-19, the importance of maintaining the social connection in business remains prevalent.

Maintaining your business’s commercial connection during this time is vital. If your business is open or operating remotely, having knowledgeable and empathetic customer service agents can prove to be crucial.  Service agents who are understanding and patient can be immensely valuable for a stressed client. Similarly, instituting self- service methods, if possible can further improve a businesses operation.

While there are many ways to preserve the social connection of your business, here are just a few tips to keep your clients engaged and aware of your brand/business remotely.

1. Update your social media content regularly: People are more active now on social media than usual. Hence, make sure your company profile on all social media platforms are active.

2. Email your clients on the status of your company: Keep your clients updated on your hours of operation and overall business morale at this time.

3. Gauge Customer Feedback: This is the perfect opportunity to gain client feedback on your customer service, product/service quality, and overall business operation.

Make sure to implement these tips to maintain the social connection of your business during this uncertain time. Let us know how your remote work environment is going.  We are here for you if you have any questions or concerns. As always, elevate your business technology with Micro Trends.

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