Micro-Trends is a leading 3CX Certified Platinum Partner!

Tired of your old and outdated PBX? Well, Micro Trends has a solution for you! Elevate your business technology by implementing 3CX! Don’t worry about management nor installation because Micro Trends has you covered!

With 3CX, we guarantee straightforward configuration through

  • Easy alliance with leading SIP Trunk Providers through pre-configured templates
  • Plug & Play Interoperability of IP Phones and gateways for automatic configuration
  • Evading interop issues with 3CX tested IP Phones
  • Premier security features that ensure regular updates and global IP blacklist
  • Evading interop issues with 3CX tested IP Phones
  • Premier security features that ensure regular updates and global IP blacklist

Experience the contemporary, visceral business console with which you can

  • Create, remove, and transform extensions and DIDs
  • Update IP Phone firmware
  • Arrange & Reboot IP Phones remotely
  • Import or delete all contacts at once
  • Evading interop issues with 3CX tested IP Phones
  • Premier security features that ensure regular updates and global IP blacklist

Choose between 3CX On-premise or in the Cloud

Choose to run 3CX in the cloud (in your cloud account) or on-premise and monitor your data

Cloud Deployment

  • Use the PBX Express tool to implement your free Cloud PBX
  • Choose from a variety of premier cloud providers such as Google, Microsoft Azure, OVH, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Lightsail and many more!
  • Ensure your free Standard license today!

On-premise Deployment

  • Implement 3CX on an existing Windows or Linux machine
  • Deploy on a MiniPC Appliance or Raspberry Pi!
  • Virtualize and segregate on Hyper-V, VMware or KVM


3CX’s premier security system is exclusively developed to protect your PBX from any attacks! 3CX security features include enhanced secure web server configuration, automatic composition of SIP attack tools, automatic administration of SSL certs, and a global IP Blacklist updated for participating PBXs.

Save Money $$$

Not only is 3CX convenient, modern, and resourceful but it is also cost effective! By using 3CX, you can save up to 80% on your phone bill, avoid per extension licensing and pay, save on travel expenses through the web conferencing feature, remove 800 numbers through WebRTC alliance, and use international DIDs & IP Telephony so customers can call in at competitive rates. The reasons for implementing 3CX is manifold! Call us to implement this modern system at a competitively affordable rate today!

3CX Apps & Features

3CX is the perfect tool to propel your business forward. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you are guaranteed to stay connected with 3CX. 3CX offers apps for Android and IOS, softphones for Windows and Mac, WebRTC softphone and clientless web conferencing! Ensure the convenience of constant effortless connection with 3CX.

Download 3CX apps on your Android / iOS Device

Ensure smooth operation by downloading the 3CX app on Android/iOS device. Enjoy perks like making free VOIP calls with your smartphone. Take advantage of features like web conferencing, instant messaging, and status updates. Also, save battery life through PUSH notifications!

Easy to Use Windows & Mac Softphones

With easy to use windows and mac smartphones you can work remotely, make phone calls from your desktop, and obtain reports on customer and agent activities. You can make calls directly from your CRM, and align with MS Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, or Internal Phonebook.

User-friendly WebRTC Softphone

Enjoy click to call extensions from Chrome and Firefox, combined WebRTC technology with reduce bandwidth, and make calls straight from your browser on your IP Phone or smartphone!

3CX Live Chat & Talk: Superior Customer Communications

Elevate your customer communication with 3CX Live Chat! Enjoy this feature completely free and relish customer chats/call directly from your website. This means real time communication directly from your website integrated with your PBX.

Enjoy Web Conferencing

  • Free for up to 250 participants
  • Endless users for any edition
  • Start a conference with just one click
  • Dial-in to meetings by phone
  • Correlated operability between VoIP and video
  • Bandwidth Management and Control
  • Remote control assistance for quick & easy troubleshooting – plugin/extension free screen sharing
  • Pre-upload PowerPoint & PDFs before meetings
  • Easy to use polling tool for feedback

Call Center Features from the Future

Enjoy advanced features with 3CX PRO and Enterprise editions. Increase your sales, heighten productivity and offer support with 3CX’s contact center technology. With 3CX Pro you get call center reporting, CRM integration with popular CRM’s, Live chat and talk with your website visitors, and so much more!