Palm: The Itty Bitty Phone Fighting Smartphone Addiction

Have you seen the itty bitty phone known as “Palm” yet? It’s miniature stature is quite a sight for sore (humongous smartphone looking) eyes. Standing at 3.3-inches, the device looks like the baby of some smartphones out today. It is just about the size of a credit card! It may be small, but it is indeed mighty! Palm was created as a secondary device, and has lots of positives and even a few drawbacks. However, its greatest asset is its aim to fight smartphone addiction.

Does the term “Palm” sound familiar to you? Palm was a brand which created early smartphones in the late 90s and early 2000s. Unfortunately, due to poor sales the company discontinued its products and its rights were purchased by TCL in 2011. TCL vowed to come out with new Palm devices, and that is where this miniature phone comes in. Packed with many of the qualities of larger smartphones today, the device has a lot of benefits.
The device supports all of your favorite apps and runs on a full mobile OS (Android 8). It also institutes voice control and Google Assistant, providing a completely hands free device option. Essentially, you can reply to texts, look up directions, and do google searches completely hands free! The Palm even has a 2D face unlock system, making unlocking your smartphone easier than ever. However, no device is perfect. There are a few drawbacks to the phone.

Some negatives include the fact that the Palm doesn’t have a headphone jack or microSD storage card. It does have a 12-MP camera and an 8-MP selfie camera, however its quality doesn’t come near the constitution of larger smartphone cameras. Lastly, the device doesn’t have the greatest battery life. On a evaluation, the device only lasted three hours and six minutes, which is quite laughable when compared to other devices.
This petite phone essentially contains a lot of the qualities of larger smartphones. So, what is the incentive of purchasing a miniature phone?

Palm was invented to serve as a secondary phone, in an attempt to support digital wellness and fight smartphone addiction. It syncs to your IOS or Android phone, and is meant to travel along with you so you can be notified of important messages and emails without dragging along your larger smartphone. Dragging along your primary larger smartphone may mean getting hooked to unnecessary apps, messages, and notifications that feed smartphone addiction. Taking the Palm device to work, meetings, dates, jogs and parties means that you will be notified of important matters but not be bombarded with the distractions of your larger phone. Being sold at the retail value of $350.00, this serves as a great option for individuals seeking a complementary phone.
Since its release, the device is now being sold as a primary phone as well. So, you can decide if you want it as your sole or complementary device.
Let us know what you think of this device. Is it worth purchasing?
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