Elevating Business with Effective Customer Service!

Consumer needs are constantly changing, and businesses are continually developing dynamic methods to meet their organizational goals. One common critique amongst consumers regarding business productivity is an overall lack of effective customer service! I will be the first to admit that when I come across poor customer service, it puts a damper on my entire day! Contrastingly, efficient customer service tends to put a big smile on my face and makes me fonder of that place of business. A business that immediately comes to mind which exudes impeccable customer service, is one of my absolute favorite fast food restaurant chains! You may have guessed it from your own visits there, but it is the amazing “Chick-fil-A”! From bright smiles, gracious greetings, first name acknowledgements, and speedy service, the place is superior to competitors. This form of impeccable service helps engrain the business in consumers sub-conscious as an exemplary organizational function. Essentially, consumers want their needs reflected by fast, graceful and productive customer service.

In order to maintain efficacy, businesses must continuously modify their customer service standards. Maintaining an outdated client service model is not going to assist anyone. Topics to review when modifying one’s customer service model is speed, self-service options, service style, can-do attitude, and training (Soloman, 2020). Let’s review these top five suggestions for effective customer service.

The first topic of suggestion for an improved customer service model relates to speed. Shortening the speed of client response time will immensely benefit customers. The typical twenty-four-hour response cycle is no longer cutting it. Responding to a client or prospect in an even shorter amount of time will immensely improve customer service.

The second suggestion for an improved customer service model is the implementation of self-service options. Self-service options assist in organizational productivity and speed. Although face to face communication and service is a large requirement for clientele, having self- service options for speed is tremendously valuable.

The third suggestion for an improved customer service model is an assessment of one’s service style. A subservient customer service style is no longer practical but implementing a peer- to peer style service is! For example, Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic stated, “We take [an] informal approach to customer service at all our Virgin Brands” (Soloman, 2020). Customer’s should feel comfortable enough to discuss, ask questions, and critique a business’s products and services. Hence, peer-to-peer service style is ideal for effective customer service.

The fourth suggestion for an improved customer service model relates to implementing a can-do attitude. Employee’s should always be ready to respond with a “Yes” to a customer’s question. This in turn will help create a positive environment where clients feel that their needs and desires are being met. Even if employees don’t have what the customer is looking for or don’t have an answer to their desired question, a can-do attitude insinuates that they will do all they can to address the customers’ needs with what they do offer!

The final suggestion for implementing effective customer service is training. Consistent training is vital for instituting important methods of communication between employees and clients. Customer service training is not something that should be put aside, but rather be implemented regularly.  Consistent training helps elevate and progress a business.

What are your thoughts on these customer service suggestions? Do you agree or disagree? What is your current style of customer service? What is your best and worst customer service experiences? Be sure to let us know. We love hearing from you! Lastly, as always elevate your business technology with Micro Trends!


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