10th Generation Intel Core Processors

The 10th Generation Intel Core Processors are a new line of processors aiming to redefine user’s mobile experiences! Intel has essentially transformed the infrastructure of its processors and has implemented new features for A1 and multi-threaded workloads.

The 10th Generation Intel Core Processors comes in two lines, one known as “Ice Lake” and the other “Comet Lake”. While the intelligence performance for Ice Lake is geared towards AI technology of the future, Comet Lake is more of a productivity powerhouse created for intense workloads. Both lines take a large leap when it comes towards entertainment. Ice Lake has improved visuals with Intel Iris Plus graphics, while Comet lake includes a more enveloping form of entertainment. Both are transforming connectivity with the help of Wi-Fi 6! Remember, Wi-Fi 6?! We discussed it in the first ever Micro Trends Tech Corner. It’s the network technology fighting network congestion to provide faster more effective connection. Well, Wi-Fi 6 coupled with Intel’s New processors are revolutionizing performance.

As Intel proudly states, these processors are “Redefining what’s possible in a thin and light computer.” One of my favorite perks of the “Ice Lake” processors is the Cyberlink Photodirector feature, which provides the ability to de-blur photos with Intel DL Boost. It can clear up and sharpen images instantly. Another interesting feature of Ice lake is its AI noise reduction. This feature helps remove unwanted noise from chats and calls. So, we have clear crisp calls coupled with sharp precise images! What more can a girl want?!

Essentially both “Ice Lake” and “Comet Lake” processors are redefining PC connectivity! With the integration of Wi-Fi 6, these processors guarantee world class performance! However, don’t expect these processors to be sold individually. They are strictly be sold as laptop processors for now.

The 10th Generation Intel Core Processors are transforming the architecture, performance, and overall formation course of processors. What are your thoughts on “Ice Lake” and “Comet Lake”? Let us know below!


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