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Targus Notebook Backpack (CVR600)

Targus Notebook Backpack (CVR600)


2.00 out of 5
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2 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

Targus Groove Notebook Backpack (CVR600)

2 out of 5

1 review for Targus Notebook Backpack (CVR600)

  1. 2 out of 5

    (Personal Computers) First I pretty much live out of my bakpacck, so its used all the time. I mostly use either a bicycle or a motorcycle to get myself around with the bakpacck holding everything I need. At a minimum I usually have a laptop and a change of clothes with me among other personal and work things in the bakpacck. I also occasionally travel and like being able to also fit everything I need for the trip in the pack so I don’t need to hassle with checking in bags. So I want something that can work as a duffle bag, briefcase, laptop case and small suitcase.I really liked my previous bakpacck which was a Rosewill RBG-1701BP. After more than a year of solid use it started fraying around the shoulder straps and worse developed a hole in the bottom corner of the main compartment. I would have just rebought the Rosewill, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available anymore. So started the search for a replacement. Basically it was going to be a comparison against the Rosewill. Out of all the bakpaccks I considered the Targus Drifter II measured the best. Here is what was important to me and how the Targus measured up.- I’m 6’3 and want the bottom of the pack to ride more on my lower back, not the middle of my back so I wanted something at least 21 . The Targus meets the length requirement, however when fully loaded up it didn’t ride as comfortable as the Rosewill. Basically the weight road differently on my lower back than the Rosewill. I believe the reason is because of 2 things that Rosewill did a little different in their design. One is the way Rosewill layed out their back pads with the side pads going the length of the bakpacck. The Targus has shoulder pads with a big pad across the bottom. The second and more important reason is Rosewill adds structure stiffness within the back part of the bakpacck which causes the weight to be more evenly distributed along the side pads which again went along the entire length of the bakpacck. It also built a stiffness into the front of the bakpacck. This is also really nice when standing the bakpacck up. The Rosewill stands on its own. The Targus will fall over if nothing is inside to keep it up. This would be my first suggestion to Targus for feature improvement. By the way the Rosewill stiffness added no noticable weight to its bakpacck.- From a pocket perspective, they are pretty much comparable. Both provide extra padding for the laptop which I like although the laptop pocket is padded a tad better on the Rosewill. Targus does have one extra purse like pocket that I really like because of its convenience right at the top of the pack that Rosewill didn’t have. A definite point for the Targus side.- The shoulder straps on the Rosewill were thicker with more padding which made them more comfortable than the Targus shoulder straps, however that is one area that also started fraying on the Rosewill. The Targus straps aren’t that bad and over time I’ve become use to them.- Last obviously durability was important. I definitely didn’t want a flimsy nylon bag. The materials used by Targus looks and feels durable. I like the water resistant bottom. Something that was missing from the Rosewill. So far I’ve been happy with how its holding up for the couple of months I’ve had it. We’ll see how it wears over time.** This is an update after using the bakpacck for a few months. The lack of stiffness in the bag has turned out to be a bigger inconvenience than I thought it would be. The bag folds over on itself with out a laptop in it which is annoying enough I would actually downgrade it a star. I would now not just recommend it as an improvement for me, but a requirement. The bag really needs some sort of rib support along the length of the back. Outside of that the bag is still wearing good.

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