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Integrate PBX with Analog Fax

Integrate PBX with Analog Fax

Source: Charalambos Eleftheriou


OK,  so you have implemented 3CX Phone System and are making huge savings on your call costs using VoIP Providers, but what about integrating your analogue fax line to be able to receive faxes into your PBX as well? The solution is simple, cost effective and intelligent!

It comes in the form of a Welltech WellGate ATA 172plus-PoE. With it you will be able to pass your incoming analogue faxes through 3CX Phone System, which will then convert the fax into a PDF and email it to you directly.

This small, compact yet powerful analogue fax integration solution can offer many other great benefits too:

  • Use it as a backup call route in case your internet service goes down by configuring 3CX Phone System to route all calls using this gateway, either through your fax line, or using the second port connected into a separate analogue phone line.
  • Connect your analogue handsets using your existing telephone cabling, easily and cost effectively expanding your telephone extensions.
  • Utilize it as a NAT Router in-between your internet modem and network. The list goes on!

All you need to do is connect your analogue phone lines and analogue handsets to your ATA 172plus, connect it to your network and configure 3CX Phone System accordingly, it’s as simple as that!

Check out the complete Configuration Guide for WellGate ATA 172plus for a more detailed description.

Check out the guide Configuring Fax Server to learn how to configure your 3CX Phone System fax receive capability.

Also see this post on Outbound Fax Made Easy with an Online Fax Service to see how you can cost effectively send faxes in the most easy way.


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