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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services since 1986:
Our mission: To help our clients through their data loss situation by offering expert data recovery services at a fair price that won’t take advantage of them. Our technicians take meticulous pride in the quality of their work.
Our Guarantee: If we cannot recover the data from your hard drive or any other media then we will return it to you in the same condition as received.3
Process explained:
There are two stages in recovering your data:
1. In-house:We use Hard Drive Manufacturer recommended recovery method using software. Success rate if drive is not clicking is 70%. Using this process does not alter your hard drive & your contents are intact. Price for this recovery is $55 to $150.
2. Clean room: If we cannot recover using the first method we send your drive to our Clean Room in Chatsworth. Success rate of recovery is 97% even if the drive is clicking.Price are significantly higher & varies according to the volume of data.
Why use our Services:
Flat Rate Pricing Structure
Next Business day evaluation
*No Data, No Charge
No Clean Room Fees
100% Confidentiality Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Highest Customer Satisfaction rate
* If your data is not recovered you owe only $25 diagnostics fee.

All Media and Storage Devices:
Desktop/Laptop Hard Drives – RAID Systems – USB/Firewire Hard Drives – Floppy disks – Zip/jazz Disks – CD/DVD/Tapes – Camera Cards & Compact Flash etc.